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Weight Loss

"My new year's resolution was for this to be the summer for a super hot bod. I happened to find Anywhere Gym only through proximity to my work- lucky me. I have been training with Sean for almost 5 months now & within in the 1st 2.5, I surpassed by goal and am onto the next- beyonce-video-body stomach toned & chiseled-dimple butt. He has a great way of kicking your butt & making the time fly by. I don't have to think when I am there, I tell him the results I want to see and he creates them. I have & would highly recommend him to anyone. Just don't take my time slot "

Heather C -  

Lose Weight

"I certainly received the best guidance in all areas of exercise and nutrition from Mr. Sean Salazar, my personal trainer. Sean was, and still is, always there to give me encouragement and training help. I must give him a lot of credit because I really didn’t know what I was doing. The main thing is if you are not sure about an exercise or have nutrition questions, ask a trainer who knows!"

Steve M -

Loose Weight

"In the past months, Sean has turned me around to his way of thinking and I am now down to my target weight - something I have not weighed since college. More importantly I feel the best emotionally and physically then I have felt in years. The key to my success, and what has made this experience so different than times in the past, was changing how I looked at food. I have never and will never be a devoted gym person, but Sean has taught me that the key to keeping the weight off isn't totally tied to the gym. If I am careful about my calories, make healthy choices and make it to the gym at least two times a week I will never have to face my old weight again."

Kate F -

Personal Training

"I exercise regularly but lately I realized that I have been at a plateau. That is when I decided that I might want a trainer to help me get over this hump. So I met with Sean Salazar and we discussed some new fitness goals and how to achieve them with a routine different than what I have done in the past. I am excited to work on my new goals. I feel that you should always strive to improve yourself, sometimes you just need a little help. I have been working with him for about three weeks and have already lost 8 pounds."

Deni H -


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