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Keep up the Madness of March!

March Madness has been going strong with the NCAA tournament. It has been going well for Anywhere Gym as well. It has a different meaning for us over here. While teams are increasing their intensity to win the tournament, we are increasing our intensity by adding workouts through the month of March.

I have taken a vow to workout every day for the month of March. I am doing this to motivate everyone else to increase their exercise efforts throughout the month. It has been going great and the results are showing. All of this added exercise made me feel that everybody is up to challenging themselves. Now we have added another goal. I brought up doing the Gladiator Rock N Run, to see who would be interested in giving it a try. We had a great response and now have a group of us that will be doing the 3 mile, 17 obstacle, and race as a team. If you are up to run with team Anywhere Gym let me know so you can join the fun. Keep up the Madness of March!

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