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Calories & Activity

Have you ever been curious about what types of activities burn the most calories? It is a good thing to know how many calories you burn, so you can be most efficient with your time. October is the beginning of the holiday season and the holidays end with the New Year. These months are where most Americans put on a significant amount of weight. This is the time of the year to be sure that our nutrition and exercise stays on track. Check out these activities and decide where to spend your time.

Activity Calories Burned Per Hour

Aerobics Class 380

Basketball Full Court 672

Bicycling Outdoor 667

Circuit Training 508

Dancing 228

Folding Laundry 118

Gardening 210

Golf 317

Hiking 402

Housecleaning 176

Kayaking 352

Kickboxing 700

Martial Arts 708

Mowing the Lawn 240

Pilates 328

Playing Guitar 211

Rollerblading 444

Running 634

Reading 082

Skiing Downhill 624

Sleeping 060

Stairmaster 380

Stretching 176

Surfing 250

Surfing the Internet 114

Swimming 270

Talking on the Phone 154

Tennis 493

Walking 2mph 171

Walking 4mph 312

Washing the Car 200

Watching Football on Sundays 145

Weight Lifting 279

Yoga 166

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